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Whether you are looking for improved posture, weight loss, conditioning, strength gain or ante and post-natal, here at CORE The Studio we pride ourselves on helping you achieve your goals swiftly and effectively through tailored and bespoke personal training programmes.

Dedicated, passionate, experienced: welcome to bespoke personal training at CORE The Studio. Proven to achieve results faster through the help of our experts in Pilates and Personal Training.

At CORE The Studio we provide the highest level of Pilates and strength & conditioning personal training with our elite instructors. All our programmes are backed up by the latest research in sports science and health and monitored by our team of sport science graduates. Our exclusive and boutique studio offers that personal touch that you can miss in many corporate gyms. We aim to positively impact your life by delivering holistic solutions including dietary and postural scanning and programmes tailored to your specific needs.

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Pilates Personal Training

Our team specialises in Pilates, Pilates Conditioning, Pilates Rehabilitation, Pilates for pregnancy (Ante and Post Natal) and Pilates for the Older Adult.

Join us and find out why Pilates is considered one of the best exercise systems in the world, loved by celebrities such as Madonna and Oprah, and practised by top athletes including the New Zealand Rugby team, Tiger Woods and Christiano Ronaldo.


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Weight loss and toning

Losing weight and toning might seem like an easy task but most people feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of contradicting advice given at gyms and on the internet. Let our fantastic instructors guide you through the perfect programme to achieve the body you have always dreamed of.

Strength and Conditioning

Ideal to develop your physical and athletic capabilities by increasing your strength, flexibility, power, speed, endurance and agility.

Pre and Post Natal

Our experienced and highly qualified trainers help you be at your healthiest for the birth of your child and get back to fitness afterwards in a safe and effective way.

Home/Outdoor Training

Our experienced and knowledgeable trainers can train you at the convenience of your home, in the park or at your gym in Kensington and the surrounding areas.


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In ten sessions you'll feel the difference
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Our Team





Challenging and motivating sessions as unique as the clients she trains.

Natalie is a British/Lebanese highly motivated and results orientated trainer with a proven track record of providing excellent results to a broad spectrum of clients ranging from City workers to VIP’s, Royalty to busy stay at home mums.

Trained in STOTT PILATES® and Xtend Barre (the premier ballet barre method sweeping across The US and Europe) and is a recently certified INSANITY instructor. Competing in her first UKBFF bodybuilding competition in 2013 she pushed her body to the limit with 4 months of intense exercise and diet transforming her body to competition level and gaining vast experience in weight training & specialised nutrition.

In 2015 when Natalie became pregnant she continued her daily training programme, adapting it to her changing body. She strongly believes staying fit and healthy during these 9 months helped her have a smooth pregnancy and a birth with no complications. Natalie now enjoys sharing her knowledge of pre/post natal training and believes Pilates is integral to this.

She is also trained in vegan & raw food & has a wealth of knowledge in nutrition and healthy eating.

Whether you are a pro athlete wanting to incorporate Pilates into your training or a beginner curious to try out a challenging work out, Natalie will help you achieve your goals through patience and positive encouragement, her teaching style is tough yet motivating and above all fun.


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Max is a personal trainer with over 10 years of coaching experience, specialising in body transformation and performance optimisation for a wide variety of clients, ranging from professional athletes and actors to professors and CEOs of major corporations.

He started his sporting career at the age of 13, training with professional World Boxing champion Dr. Hartmann. He quickly developed advanced fighting skills in many disciplines, winning championships at national and international level in kickboxing, karate and boxing.


His greatest achievements in these sports were 1st place in the World Karate Championships in 2007 and the German title in kickboxing -84kg in 2009. He has been a kickboxing trainer for more than 7 years, training people at all levels from beginners to his most successful students who compete and continue to succeed at national level.

After graduating from school with honours placing in the top 5% in Germany, Max turned down a Business scholarship at Cambridge to pursue his love of Sport accepting a place at the prestigious St Mary’s University in Twickenham, London. He continues to train clients at the studio, in parks and at their home alongside his studies and currently writes a dissertation about performance optimisation and stress reduction through mindfulness exercise for high executives in the finance sector.

He recently travelled to Los Angles to train clients for The Academy Awards


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Lana - Personal Trainer 352 × 306

Lana is a former professional dancer from New Zealand. Her appreciation for body awareness and fitness through precise movement started early with classical ballet training.
Lana’s career started at the age 14 when she was accepted into the Junior Associate program at the New Zealand School of dance. She went on to complete her Diploma in dance Performance; majoring in contemporary dance and had a varied career working for many New Zealand and overseas Choreographers.

Becoming a Pilates Instructor was a natural progression; injury prevention is an important part of a dancers life and Pilates has helped Lana throughout her career. Lana’s love and appreciation for Pilates continues to grow as her clients notice the benefits of core strength, Flexibility and increasing muscle strength without extra bulk.

Trained in STOTT PILATES® Mat work, Reformer and Cadillac. She is continuing her Education to complete the Chair, Barrel and ISP course to become a fully certified Stott Pilates instructor.


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Nicholas Walker is a diversely qualified personal trainer and Pilates instructor with a wealth of experience from his native New Zealand, Sydney and London. Through his 12 years in the fitness industry, he has specialised in several areas including injury prevention, functional training, postural alignment and high intensity training. Today, he puts his skills to use in a number of West London’s best Reformer Pilates studios.

Arriving in London two years ago, Nicholas previously worked in some of New Zealand and Australia’s highest regarded health clubs and private training studios. He has used his skills to help improve the fitness level and wellbeing of a wide range of clients from professional rugby players and fitness models to busy professionals and gym novices. With a particular interest in – and knowledge of – functional training, Nicholas’ classes are always carefully thought through to activate, stretch and challenge all of your body in well-balanced and inspiring new routines. Using individual hands-on adjustments and personalised exercises his goal is to continuously ensure that the targeted muscles are activated correctly for you to improve your postural alignment and achieve a stronger and more balanced physique. Nicholas has a Diploma in Sport Management and Exercise Prescription, a Diploma in specialised Bowen Therapy, and Certificate in Massage.


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Michelle is an accomplished Pilates and fitness instructor with a proven track record in delivering enthusiastic, results-orientated classes. Experience teaching on Stott, Align, Peak and Balanced Body Reformers. With use of industry-recognised, scientific research to back up her method, Michelle is regarded as “one of the most sought after instructors in the industry”. Excellent ability to explain technique using anatomical, visual and tactile cues. Easily builds a rapport with each client and gives lots of individual attention. This approach has proven to be highly successful and has led to consistent requests from clients to attend her classes and frequently results in a waiting list. Highly motivated, with a can-do attitude and a musical play list that makes you want to work your body hard and smile while doing so.

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