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Pilates at Core the Studio

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced CORE The Studio can cater to your personal requirements.

Our ethos is quality customer service and a studio that is clean and inviting, creating an environment that is warm and friendly.

We benefit from amenities such as bottled water and towel service for that extra personal touch. The studio contains brand new Stott equipment with instructors that are arguably some of the best in London.

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Benefits of Reformer Pilates

In the pilates world, there are two distinct types of classes offered: Mat and Reformer. Unlike a mat class, which will usually be comprised of a large group of students exercising on the floor, a reformer class is much smaller, each student on their own reformer receiving individualised attention from a highly trained pilates instructor.

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The adaptability of a reformer, its ability to be adjusted to an individual’s specific needs, help to increase the effectiveness of the pilates exercises while simultaneously keeping the students safe. Additionally, a reformer adds resistance to exercises, making the muscles perform at a higher, more refined level. Using a reformer also adds support where needed, which means that students with limited movement or physical abilities can comfortably be offered modifications.

After practicing on a reformer, most students note:

• Improved Core Strength
• Increased Core Stability
• Better Flexibility
• Decreased Back Pain
• More Body Awareness and Control
• Enhanced Range of Motion
• Faster Results Than Mat Classes
• Better Full Body Workout Than Mat Classes


If you are new to pilates we’d suggest booking our trial class which is currently available at a 50% discounted rate, this will give you the opportunity to meet your instructor and familiarise yourself with the equipment and studio. Click the trial button below and follow the instructions to create an account and pay for your class

First Class 50% Off £15

Single Class £30

Membership £149.00

History of pilates

Joseph Pilates a German born in 1883 developed this total, complete exercise method over the course of his lifetime dedicating himself to improving mental and physical wellbeing and health. As a young boy he was riddled with different illnesses including rickets and arthritis hence, seeking out a way to strengthen his body and mind. He developed his method rehabilitating soldiers after the First World War where he worked as an orderly in a hospital. An experiment that started by him attaching springs to the hospital bed frames to strengthen and support the patients muscles later developed into what we know know as the Reformer.

He later emigrated to the US where he worked with dancers opening his first studio in New York in the 1920’s. Dedicating his whole life to developing this system he called ‘Contrology’ Pilates developed hundreds of exercises incorporating ingenious equipment to strengthen the whole body.

Pilates is fantastic for building your core and by this we mean not just your abdominals but also your pelvic & back muscles. You will be able to develop these without adding bulk leading to increased flexibility and a fantastic posture. It will also tone and lengthen your whole body.

Book a class today and come see & feel for yourself the benefits and fantastic results!

First Class 50% Off £15

Single Class £30

Membership £149.00

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