“Thank you Natalie for accommodating the Sweaty Betty staff for a great reformer Pilates class.
Your knowledge and passion for staying so true to Pilates in the way that you instruct is amazing and you yourself are an inspiration – your knowledge of which I am sure I will be drawing on soon!
Beautiful boutique and great class, looking forward to more classes with you.”

Grace Sylvia, Sweaty Betty, Kensington

“Natalie is a dedicated and knowledgeable trainer. She is punctual, polite and firm but fair during our sessions. I have noticed a marked improvement in my posture since starting with her and my back pain has all but subsided.She always brings a sense of fun and a smile to training and each session is varied targeting different areas of my body. I would recommend her completely.”

Jennifer Cleese, London

“During my time with Natalie I always found her a pleasure to train with. Her knowledge of Pilates is vast and she brings a confidence and sense of fun to each session. The sessions are always varied targeting different areas, trying new exercises, so I always felt like I am being challenged. She pushed me beyond my comfort zone and the results speak for themselves. I highly recommend her.”

Tarek Khlat, London

“Natalie was my trainer for 18 months when my husband and I and daughter lived in London.
She and I trained in Pilates, Cardio Tramp, Xtend Barre and other disciplines. I worked with her, on average, 2-4 times weekly. Not only was Natalie punctual, diligent and pleasant, she was extremely knowledgeable, exhibited excellent observation skills and quite simply, made exercising a fun and exciting process rather than boring and tedious.
I learned the ‘whys’ behind certain exercise techniques and methods and Natalie always pushed me to the limits of my endurance when applicable. She is very insightful in knowing when to ‘push’ and when not to.
I also gained insight into diet and nutrition. Natalie is a wealth of information on that subject and shares the information articulately and eloquently.
I would highly recommend Natalie as a Personal Trainer to anyone who wants real reformation in their body. I saw my body develop into a stronger body and it elevated my confidence and self esteem.
Natalie has a gregarious personality and is a pleasure to train with. I wish I were still in London training with her, or that I could clone her and have her train me here in my new home of Chicago!!”

Biruta Siepman, Chicago

“I love my regular Pilates classes. In fact Pilates is the first time I have ever gone to regular classes. I come out feeling mentally refreshed and stronger. I am sure without Natalie the wear and tear from travel and sitting at a computer would be a lot worse. More importantly Natalie is a great teacher who works with you and knows just how to push you just that little bit further.”

Katherine, London

“Max has been an exceptional trainer for our teenage son in his final (and most stressful) years of school. Max’s knowledge about strength and conditioning training is exemplary, and is also passionate about getting the best out of his clients and is extremely motivating. When Max suggested incorporating mindfulness into my son’s training routine I was skeptical at first but I could not be happier that Max suggested this idea. The combination of working out and the mindfulness training has been incredibly beneficial to our son. My son’s focus, confidence, and mood have improved greatly and his grades have gone from good to excellent. Max’s sessions have also been a great way for my son to relieve the stress associated with his final years in school. We only wish we could send Max off to university with our son!”

Donna and Jeff, Chelsea

“I have to say Max is everything I expected a top quality personal trainer to be. The ideal partner to guide, coax and advise as well as pushing you to your limits. He took an initial brief in order to establish my main aims and what exactly I wanted to achieve. He then devised a programme to achieve this aim by the end of the 3 month programme. We achieved this together and I look and feel great! In the gym he is obviously fully experienced on all the equipment and expert on the various quantities of reps and sets to enhance every muscle needed.
His manner is professional throughout including punctuality, measurement (before and after), and everything is clearly explained. The diet/nutrition is the second element alongside the gym work and in this too he is expert. His plan involved a regime that was not difficult to stick to as it was a modification of what I already eat. Even now I am still enjoy the diet and enjoy ‘treats’ so much more.I would recommend Max to anyone”

Charlie Champion, London

“A couple of years ago I was a Pilates novice. Following a shoulder injury I was forced to give yoga a break and Pilates was recommended. I am now evangelical about Pilates.
Natalie’s lessons on the reformer enabled me to continue to develop considerable strength, stamina and flexibility while always protecting my body from potential injury. Every session leaves me feeling wonderfully stretched and walking taller, feeling exhilarated and stronger.
I also have sessions on the cardio tramp – a brilliant device where a mini trampoline is attached to the base of the reformer for a hard core cardio work out. Highly recommended”

Michele Lavery, London

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